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Foot and Ankle Strengthening Exercises | Try This Effective 15 Minute Routine!

Become a VIP Athlete for FREE - Get my new book, Yoga for Athletes - man ...View More

10 MIN STRESSFUL DAY STRETCH - calm down, relax your body & mind I Pamela Reif

You won't regret taking those 10min for yourself ♥︎ A very calm routine to recover from stressful mo ...View More

Total Shoulder Flexibility | 17-Minute Shoulder Mobility Routine For Athletes

Become a VIP Athlete for FREE - Get my new book, Yoga for Athletes - man ...View More

Movember 2021 | Help Us Reach Our Goal! | Raise Awareness for Men's Mental Well-Being

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Christmas Dance 2021

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! ♥︎ Put on your brightest smile, shake it for Santa & just have fun ...View More

Staying Fit Over the Holidays While Traveling | 4 Mistakes to Avoid!

If you're traveling to visit family over the Holidays, and wondering about the best ways to stay fit ...View More

15 Minute Workout | Forearm Stand Tutorial for Beginners | #yogaformen

We don't always have time for a 30-minute warm-up, but we can get away with a 10-minute one if you r ...View More

20 Minute Workout | Gentle Morning Yoga | No Floor Poses

Here is a 20-minute routine to get your body moving, work into your flexibility, relieve joint disco ...View More

Getting Cramps in Feet When Doing Yoga? | Here's How to Address It | #yogaformen

What should I do about cramping in my feet / toes? Have you ever had cramping in your feet while doi ...View More

5-Stretch Running Warm-up | Do These Pre-Run Stretches Before Every Run to Improve Your Performance!

Most of you are aware that stretching after a workout or taking the proper time to cooldown will hel ...View More

Bodyweight Upper Body Strength Workout at Home | Do these 4 Yoga Poses and Repeat Until Failure!

Bodyweight Upper Body Strength Workout at Home | Do these 4 Yoga Poses and Repeat Until Failure | #y ...View More

52 Minute Slow Flow Yoga at Home | Intense Full Body Workout | FEEL THE BURN, GENTS!

Get ready for this 52-minute, full-body flow that is INTENSE! This is a slow-moving, control-focused ...View More

Child's Pose With Dynamic Movement Tutorial | Calm Your Mind and Gently Stretch Your Body

In this video, I show you how to do Child's Pose, and make it more effective by adding dynamic movem ...View More

20 Minute Morning Yoga | Learn How to Improve Posture With These Standing Yoga Poses!

Here's a quick, 20-minute morning yoga routine to help you start the morning feeling great and with  ...View More

Vertiball Massager Review | The Mountable Massage Roller


Ankle Stretches Using a Slant Board | Do THIS to Strengthen Your Achilles Tendon, Calf & Soleus!

The best stretches to help prevent achilles tendonitis or tears, stretch your calves and soleus musc ...View More

What To Do With Your Testicles During Yoga

Avoid crushing your testicles in yoga!! 3 types of poses to make adjustments in 2 techniques to prot ...View More

18-Min Dynamic Warm Up For Full Body | Do THIS Before Any Workout!

Exactly as described! Use this workout to get your body ready for ANY workout, whether that's runnin ...View More

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