What, Cake On A Stick??? PushCake???

Written by on October 19, 2011 in Event, Food - 1 Comment

There are so many creative varieties of cakes. We’ve seen cake on a stick, like those little cake pops they have at Starbucks, or cake in a jar, but have you seen cake in a push up pop?

A creation of the Meringue Bake Shop, a custom cupcakery catering business working out of a commercial kitchen, the PushCakesTM  are the original push up cupcake in Southern California. In each PushCakesTM, there is a layer of cake and other goodness. Of course though, the PushCakesTM are not the only sweet treat that the shop offers as the shop is also known for their mini cupcakes and desserts.

Find the Meringue Bake Shop at the Great Park Farmers Market in Irvine on Sundays from 10 A.M.-2 P.M. For catering, contact Kristina Ausk at kristin@meringuebakeshop.com or 714-927-7686.

For more information on the Meringue Bake Shop, visit http://meringuebakeshop.com/.

Have you tried a PushCakesTM or any other desserts from the Meringue Bake Shop? Have you been to the Great Park Farmers Market before? I have not done any of the above so I would love to hear your feedback.

I read about the PushCakesTM though an article on ireallylikefood earlier this year. It was pretty exciting reading about a place in Orange County since I usually read about so many delicious places that not within distance from me. However, I have not made time yet to go the the Farmers Market in Irvine so I have not been able to try a PushCakesTM yet. Once I have time to go, I am definitely going to try one!

To read the article on ireallylikefood, click here.

  • Anthonybrown5554

    I have had the choc with bacon and the pancake push cakes they made for the baconmania food fruck. They were awesome! I would buy 10 at a time from the truck.
    Loved them