[Giant Stuffed Animals] A Sight and Deal to Behold at Costco

Written by on August 23, 2011 in Local - 18 Comments

Alright, we all know that Costco is pretty awesome, especially for its free samples, but equally awesome is its giant sitting plush bear. And by giant, I mean 53″. It’s certainly taller than a little kid, and it’s almost as tall as me!

Large stuffed animals are tough to find, and when they are available, they are quite pricey. However, Costco currently carries 53″ sitting plush bears for only $29.99 in stores and $45.99 online (includes shipping and handling). The bears are suitable for children ages 3 and older and come in two colors—cream and espresso.

Not only are the bears giant, but they are also soft, cuddly, and high-quality, making them so adorably huggable! Not only that, for a giant plush, these bears are pretty light. What can beat the classic teddy bear in its life-size form?

Honestly, my friend Berna and I went to the Costco in Cypress yesterday just so we could see the giant teddy bears. Yes, we were really bored, and yes, we also love cute and cuddly things. However, the giant teddy bear was not the only giant deal we found.

There were 48″ Disney plush characters for only $35.99 in store only. The only characters available were Mickey and Minnie and are suitable for children ages 2 and older. Where else can you find any giant Disney plush of that size at such a price? Not surprisingly though, they are not as cuddly as the giant teddy bears since they are neither as soft nor as wide in width. Despite those factors, they are still pretty adorable and soft enough to be huggable!

We gave into our temptations and walked out of Costco with the giant cream-colored bear. I admit, it is an unnecessary luxury item, but how could we resist, especially with the idea of driving around with it in the car.

Out of amusement we took a few photos:

We would have taken more photos, but a woman was waiting for us to leave, and we ended up having to put it in the middle back seat since its head is so huge that it blocks part of the back windshield.

You are never too old for stuffed animals! Bring out your inner child at Costco!

  • Sarahvang913

    i’m so sad…they stopped selling them in KS T-T

  • Oanhvu1

    yes, I felt sad. i am looking for for my niece and they stop selling in costco. any one know where can i get one?

    • jessie

      we have a few in are costco in kalispell M.T thay might ship one to you but its a moose and thay sell them for 36.99 but we dont have sells taxws here hope this helps in time for your niece

  • Mowgli159

    after talking to the company that makes them, Costco nationwide is not due for another shipment of these bears till after the first of the year. According to HugFun the company that makes them, they should be in Costcos in March 2012

  • Susie

    I want one soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly.

  • Yager Bryawna

    I WANT IT!!!!! :(

  • Rebecca

    Now, at least here in the Northwest, they have giant (53″) moose for $34.99. I decided against it at the moment, mainly because of the lack of space, but I may cave in and go back. It’s sooo cute! :)

    • Noem

      I just bought it as a Valentine’d day gift, and put a dozen roses in his arms. :) It was the perfect gift.

  • Jessie

    hah i just went to cocstco my self here in kalispell mt we got the moose and we love him and we call him big M but ares was 36.99 but it was worth it

  • Coshgirl

    I got 3 of the bears at 33$ each at Costco love them sending one too my mother

  • Marta_93

    does anyone know where you can get one at a Costco? They’re sold out online!

  • Guest

    do they still sell them at costco? i can’t find them.

  • Rtyujy

    Do they still sell them at costco…? D’:

  • Djet310

    I wanted to get 20 of them to be shipped to Sandy Hook, what can I do to get this done. Obviously pay for them, do you guys ship for free, please let me know.
    Adam Gonzalez, Los Angeles, CA djet310 at aol dot com

    • Ben Leanne

      Djet310, what a fantastic idea! i think Costco should make more of them, just for this reason! (unfortunately, i’ve looked all over the internet and in stores, and they are no where to be found).

  • Jmrburke

    I can’t find them either and i want to order one for my grandson

  • Travis

    i’d like to purchase one of them at a Costco store. i am in love with them, ever since i was very young

  • Anonymous

    I bought one of these the other day at Goodwill for $7, pretty good condition. I’ve slept with it every night since, even at age 18. It’s the dopest.