Best 5 places to see Disneyland Fireworks outside the park!

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Sooo, you love the fireworks but you don’t have $94 to spend on a Disneyland tickets. Lucky for you, there are a few good locations where you can watch the show (some for FREE!) outside of the Park. Of course, it comes with it’s drawbacks, like you will not get to hear the music or see the Castle light up, but that’s okay!

4thparking1_070807_avp_sized-1 1. Mickey & Friends Parking Structure: It is no secret! The Mickey & Friends Parking Structure has the best view of the Disneyland fireworks outside of the park! Just park your car on the rooftop of the structure and enjoy the fireworks! Sometimes the car alarms can be annoying when the fireworks start. [see picture on left]

  1. 2. The Esplanade: The big open area between the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park (where you buy tickets and where the famous CALIFORNIA letters are) is the 2nd best spot to watch the fireworks. Center yourself where the big compass in the middle is. Usually there is enough room for you to move once the show has started and find a location that gives you the best view!

3. Parking lot of Mimi’s Cafe: On Harbor Blvd. I have not checked out this spot myself. But, I have friends that swear that this is the best outside location. Warning, everyone seems to know about this location now so get there with time to avoid parking problems.

4. Anaheim Garden Walk: You get a decent view from certain areas of the Garden Walk. I recommend to walk around the 2nd level to find the best location! One thing that I did not like though was that it was LOUD! The fireworks “boom” can annoy you if you are sensitive to sound.

5. The 5 fwy: Yes, it’s dangerous!  I don’t recommend driving and watching the fireworks at the same time!  But,  if you’re ever driving on the 5 fwy around 9:30pm near the Harbor exit building you will get an awesome view! haha. Be careful though!

What is your favorite place to catch the fireworks outside of Disneyland?

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